Unplanned Power Outage 4/20/22

SDSU Urgent was activated on April 20, 2022 after an unplanned power outage impacted parts of campus.

April 20 at 8:20 p.m.: SDG&E has confirmed a regional power outage, which impacted the west side of campus at SDSU today, April 20. As of 7:22 p.m., power was restored to campus buildings impacted by an unplanned, partial power outage. 

SDG&E has not yet confirmed the cause for the partial outage, and assessment is ongoing. Facilities Services is in direct communication with SDG&E. During the partial power outage, the Dramatic Arts Building was temporarily evacuated, and the building has since been cleared to be occupied. 

April 20 at 5:27 p.m.: SDSU has received reports of an unplanned power outage impacting parts of campus. The cause is unknown, and Facility Services is assessing. Timely updates will be shared.