Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hilary

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hilary

The National Weather Service and the U.S. National Hurricane Center have reported a potential for high levels of flooding and wind in the San Diego and Imperial counties. In response, SDSU has organized a planning and response team that is continually tracking real-time weather conditions and keeping an open line of communications with emergency operations officials in both San Diego and Imperial counties and with SDSU community members.

This site contains the following sections:

Most Recent Updates

Update: August 22 at 10:32 a.m.: SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley are in person today, along with events and other activities. SDSU leaders thanked members of the one SDSU community for their diligence and for staying home during the height of the storm, which they, along with regional resonse teams and officials, have said helped to mitigate further risk in Southern California.

As students, faculty and staff return to campus, the university has provided guidance. Read more on NewsCenter, and visit the SDSU Calendar for events, including Aztec Nights events (all students are invited and encouraged to attend). 

Lastest Update: August 22, 2023*

*Updates housed here are a snapshot of campus communications, as units, departments and programs are also sharing information with members of the campus community. Students with questions about classes should contact their instructors, and faculty and staff with continuity questions should contact their Deans and/or supervisors.  

Earlier Updates Below

Update: August 21 at 4:11 p.m.: As SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley students, faculty and staff are returning to in person tomorrow, they are encourage to follow university-specific guidance. Read the NewsCenter article with information about how to report any weather-related incidents and to connect with resources and support as needed.

Update: August 21 at 2:27 p.m.: Over the coming days, we will continue to assess and address water intrusion impacts and any other storm-related issues across our university locations. We appreciate your understanding as our teams are working as quickly as possible to address known issues. We also ask that, as you are on campus or coming back to SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley, that students, faculty and staff immediately report urgent facilities-related issues to Facilities Services Work Control at 619-594-4754; for non-emergency facilities issues, fill out the online Work Control form (non-emergencies). For our student residents, as previously shared, please submit a service request on the Housing Portal and report it to your community front desk.

Update on August 20 at 4:45 p.m.: With the weather advisories related to flooding and high winds, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to do the following:

  • Avoid being outside if you can. We have received government-initiated advisories indicating that we should not be out and about unless that travel is absolutely necessary. We encourage that you continue to take this situation seriously and follow the guidance of local, county, staff and federal officials.
  • Students: Contact your faculty members to make sure you are ready for any classes you have scheduled tomorrow. We have also encouraged faculty to contact you with information about any Monday classes. Students, login to Canvas to review your class schedule. If you contact your faculty members outside of the Canvas system, please be sure to include your full name, course and section number in the message.
  • Rely on the library. The SDSU Library offers virtual support to students, and library services and collections remain accessible online. For more information, visit the library site. You can also chat with a librarian online. At SDSU Imperial Valley, the library will provide virtual support on Monday, August 21 (contact [email protected] for support). 
  • Make sure you have software installed and charge your devices. Students, be sure you have access to Zoom, as your faculty may be hosting Zoom sessions given that we will offer virtual instruction tomorrow, August 21. There may be power outages, so make sure to take time to charge your devices now.
  • If you park on campus, avoid low levels. Avoid parking in lower levels of garages that are below ground, and SDSU encourages drivers to find alternative parking locations and not park along Alvarado Road east of College Avenue, as it is prone to flooding. SDSU has designated parking in Parking structures 3 and 12. Permit requirements will be waived now and through the evening of Monday, Aug. 21 at these two locations.
  • Call on support services as you need them. The university offers a range of support services, including counseling, advising and emergency financial assistance for its students, and other support for faculty and staff. If you are experiencing a financial hardship or housing emergency, contact the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) by submitting a Request for Assistance on the ECRT website. ECRT Coordinators can support students through their crisis, connecting them with on- and off-campus resources.

Update on August 20 at 1:51 p.m.: SDSU Alert: With flooding and high winds anticipated in the region later this afternoon, the following provides reminders and additional guidance for our SDSU, SDSU Imperial Valley and trans-border community members. Read this message in total and share with others. Be highly attentive to weather reports and advisories. No matter your location, do not approach any downed power lines and do not drive through standing or moving water at any time, no matter how low water levels appear. Do not shelter under trees before, during and after windstorms, including trees located at SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley. Keep your devices and any power banks you have charged, as there may be power outages in the region. 

When on campus, avoid parking in lower levels, including parking garages built underground. For those with vehicles parked in lower levels, SDSU has designated parking in Parking structures 3 and 12. Permit requirements will be waived now and through the evening of Monday, Aug. 21 at these two locations. UPD and Facilities Services team members are actively monitoring these and other campus locations as part of SDSU’s ongoing assessment and to address active needs. 

SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley have remained open (our campuses have not closed), though building access may be restricted. You can find a list of temporarily closed facilities online.

As SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley instruction will be virtual on Monday, August, 21, students and instructional faculty are encouraged to connect with one another regarding plans for classes. 

We appreciate your attention to safety and your understanding, especially as members of our regional and trans-border community may be experiencing different impacts related to this unprecedented storm. Additional updates and guidance is online at

Update on August 20 at 12:43 p.m.: SDSU Alert: SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley community members, read this message in total, as it contains important updates that may be relevant to you, along with additional information and guidance. Due to the flood and high winds warnings issued by the County of Imperial, SDSU Imperial Valley will provide virtual services, in addition to virtual instruction already announced, to the campus community tomorrow, on Monday, August 21. The Calexico and Brawley campus locations will be restricted to essential personnel on site; all others are encouraged to follow advisory guidance and avoid coming to campus. Approved on-the-ground team members will continue to assess conditions and to help ensure site safety. SDSU Imperial Valley plans to resume normal operations on Tuesday, August 22.

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE: Avoid flooded and flood-prone areas, including highways and roadways, and do not shelter under trees. Remain vigilant when walking near trees on and off campus. More information, to include ongoing SDSU Imperial Valley’s virtual resources and support services, effective Monday, August 21, are listed below. 

Update on August 20, 2023 at 8:28 a.m.: Heavy flooding is expected throughout parts of California, and advisorites recommend that you avoid travel unless it is essential. The National Weather Service office in San Diego warned of “dangerous and potentially catastrophic” flooding in the mountains and deserts. As of now, there are no reports of flooding at SDSU locations. SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley remain open, and a list of canceled or postponed events, as well as temprarily closed facilities, is listed below, along with other SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley Information. Also, on Saturday, August 19, 2023, Gov. Gavin Newsom has issued a state of emergency for much of Southern California to support Hurricane Hilary response and recovery efforts.

Update on August 19, 2023 at 11:30 p.m.: San Diego County OES issued a public safety alert warning of the potential for flash flooding and strong winds. Again, County OES is discouraging travel unless you must and asking people to avoid flooded roads, downed powerlines, and to stay away from waterways and low-lying areas.

At SDSU, we:

  • Urge all students, faculty and staff at SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley and are members of our trans-border community to be attentive to the weather and any weather changes, to follow the direction of any advisories and other official guidance shared in the coming days, and to also proactively plan for yourself and for your family.
  • Encourage all to be attentive to broadcasts and weather alerts and to follow the direction of authorities.
  • Ask that you check your SDSU email frequently, as the university will provide university-specific updates as relevant information becomes available.
  • Ask all to visit this site,, regularly. This site is continuously updated as new information becomes available.
  • Ask our community to download and use the SDSU Safe App. After dowloading the app (for Apple and Android), you should enable push notifications 1) in your phone settings and 2) in the mobile app to receive messages from SDSU. To receive push notifications from SDSU via the app, make sure you have notifications enabled for the app on your device and also within the app. In the app, click “About/Preferences”, then click “Notification Setting”, then make sure notifications are “Enabled”.

Campus Messages

SDSU urgents all members of the campus community to be aware of the potential for flooding in some parts of the Southern California region, and to follow all advisories and other guidance shared by local, state or federal agencies. The following messages were shared with members of the campus community. 

Aug. 21: Returning to In-Person Tomorrow, Facilities Reopening
Aug. 19: Update: Several Events Canceled and Facilities Temporary Closed (Students)
Aug. 19: Update: Several Events Canceled and Facilities Temporary Closed (Faculty and Staff)
Aug. 18: Update: SDSU Transitioning to Temporary Virtual Instruction on Monday
Aug. 18: Tracking Hurricane Hilary, Campus Guidance 

Academics and Research 

SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley are open and both classes and research are ongoing. Both campuses will move to temporary virtual instruction on Monday, August 21, and most faculty and staff will telework that day. At this time, and on Tuesday, the university plans to return fully in person.

Students are encouraged to login to Canvas to review course materials and to connect with their faculty members about any course-specific questions.

Researchers are encouraged to communicate directly with project personnel about resuming in-person activities.

Student Housing and Residential Communities

Student housing remains open and teams are on site to support residents. However, all pools at residential communities are closed until further notice.

For student residents, as previously shared, submit any issues via a service request as soon as they are observed by visiting he Housing Portal, and report that information to your community front desk. Immediate reporting helps the university to more quickly assess and address any weather-related issues.


New Student and Family Convocation

Following additional National Weather Service reports and advisories indicating high winds and heavy rains expected in the San Diego region, New Student and Family Convocation is canceled. The event, originally planned for Sunday, August 20, will no longer be held.  

Aztec Nights and Welcome Week Events

Sunday’s Aztec Nights and Welcome Week events for Sunday, August 20, and Monday, August 21, are canceled, and plans are in development to reschedule them at a later date. 

Dining Services

University dining locations remain open. For more information, visit


SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley campuses remain open. However, access to certain facilities is being restricted on Sunday, August 20, and/or on Monday, August 21. Virtual supports and other assistants continues.

The following facilities will be temporarily closed on Sunday and Monday following weather-related advisories: 

SDSU and Associated Students Facilities (temporary closures on August 20 and August 21)

  • The SDSU Library (The library offers virtual support to students, and library services and collections remain accessible online. For more information, visit the library site. You can also chat with a librarian online. )
  • Aztec Aquaplex
  • ARC Express
  • A.S. Food Pantry
  • Aztec Lanes
  • Aztec Recreation Center
  • Backdoor Studio
  • Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre (August 20 concert postponed) 
  • Campus Store (closed on Sunday, open Monday Open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • ENS 700 Field (including restrooms)  
  • Mission Bay Aquatic Center
  • Recreation Field (including restrooms) 
  • SDSU Children’s Center
  • Snapdragon Stadium
  • Viejas Arena (August 20 Convocation canceled)

SDSU Imperial Valley Faciities (temporary closures on August 21)

In additional to virtual instruction, the following student-facing physical locations will be temprarily closed on Monday, August 21:

  • Enrollment Services 
  • Food Pantry
  • Library (contact [email protected] for virtual suppor on Monday, August 21t). 
  • Student Health Services
  • The Cashier's Office
  • Veteran and Community Services

SDSU Library

The SDSU Library is temporarily closed Sunday, August 20, and Monday, August 21. Service areas and hours may be further affected if staffing is unavailable. Information about other libraray resources, including ongoing virtual support that is currently available for students, faculty and staff, are available on the library's website.


Parking structures and lots remain open, but the university is discouraging parking in low areas and in garage levels that are below ground level, as they are prone to flooding. SDSU also encourages drivers to find alternative parking locations and not to park along Alvarado Road east of College Avenue. At SDSU Imperial Valley, and in the event of flooding, stay away from the Highway 98 and Highway 111 intersection and other roadways that may partially flood. Never attempt to drive through standing water or flowing waters, no matter how low water levels appear to be. There are reports of beach, park and some highway closures, so be attentive to notices and follow the guidance of officials. 

Information for Visitors

SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley remain open, however certain building restructions are in place.  The university announced a temporary move to virtual instruction for SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley for Monday, August 21, with most faculty and staff planning to telework that day. 

Recommendations for Emergency Planning

During extreme weather conditions, our region may see flooded highways and streets, downed power lines and power outages, among other disruptions. The areas near SDSU along Alvarado Court behind the Alvarado Research and Professional Center are subject to flooding so parking in those areas should be avoided.

Be sure to educate yourself of the flood risks wherever you live or are located, and do the following: 

  • Prepare an emergency kit if you do not have one. Include a first aid kit with essential medicines, drinking water, a flashlight, batteries, non-perishable food, a portable radio, a can opener, blankets and warm clothing.
  • Find a fast and safe route to high ground from your home and place of work.
  • Be aware of transportation routes that may be closed in case of flooding.
  • Be sure to have temporary care lined up for your pets in case of flooding.
  • Store your valuables and toxic materials in higher areas of your house if you are in lower elevation areas.
  • Create a list of the contents in your house complete with photographs, which will be especially useful for flood insurance claims and tax deductions following a flood event.
  • Protect your home with sandbags, plastic sheeting and plywood if you are able, and do not place sandbags against buildings.
  • Stock bathtubs and sinks with fresh water.

Other Resources

Information about university support services for students, faculty and staff is available only. SDSU encourages all students, faculty and staff to follow the guidance of any weather-related advisories and other guidance officials provide.

In times of severe and inclement weather, you can follow the latest advisory and warning updates from the following:

The San Diego County Department of Public Works has other information and resources online for county residents.

For our community at SDSU Imperial Valley: Current projections indicate potential impacts in the Valley. The County of Imperial has been sharing information via its Facebook page

Other sources of information include the following:

State and Federal

City of San Diego and San Diego County

Imperial County and its Cities